BUYVT10 - Save 10% off Our Entire Store*

Barred Woods Maple is participating in the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing’s “Buy Local Holiday Campaign” program that is supporting Vermont small businesses and farms this holiday season!

You can support our business and other Vermont businesses like ours this holiday season by using the discount code BUYVT10 to get 10% off your orders* with us. The code is active through December 30, 2020.

Wondering where to buy maple syrup?  This is your chance to "buy local".   By  local in this case we mean produced and handcrafted in the US.  We mean pure, all natural and unprocessed food.  And we mean food produced in an environmentally sustainable way.  

You can find a complete list of Vermont Merchants participating in this program at
Buy Local Holiday Campaign, Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing.

And Check out their video:


Thanks for your business and supporting us and other small businesses during COVID!

* The 10% off Does Not apply to Bulk Maple Syrup Purchases

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