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Scone Mix and Maple Syrup and Cream Combo's

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Order The Scone Goddess Maple Pecan Scone mix paired with our maple syrup and save on the individual item costs.  Nothing taste better than drizzling the scones with maple syrup or frosting the scones with our pure maple cream. See are other listings for just the scone mix or gift boxes with the scone mix.

Scone Mix


scone mix
A true New England treat.  The Maple Pecan mix comes from The Scone Goddess in Northport, Maine and is made with our own Barred Woods Pure Vermont Maple Sugar.  The scone are easy to make, just add in heavy cream, "mix, bake,cut,smile"!    They are the best scones we have ever tasted, just the right texture.  Of course we think it's the maple sugar thar makes them  so good :-) .  This 15 ounce bag makes 8 delicious scones.   


Maple Syrup

maple syrup in artisan bottle

Our Grade A 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup comes in artisan glass bottles and in plastic jugs in a variety of sizes.   For you own use or also makes a nice, simple but elegant gift that everyone will enjoy.   The 250ml bottles is about 8" high and the 500ml bottle is about 10" high.  Perfect with your pancakes, oatmeal, yogurt, cocktails and of course scones. Nothing added, all natural. We manage our sugar maple forest for sustainability and conservation. Many of our trees are over 100 years old and we want to ensure they'll be around for another 100!  


Maple Cream

vt maple creamThe 8 oz jar of Maple Cream is handcrafted from our maple syrup, nothing else added. If you never tried maple cream, you are in for a real treat. The process of making cream involves taking finished syrup to a temperature about 20 degrees over the boiling point of water, then rapidly cooling it to around 65F and stirring. The art in the process comes from picking the right grade and taste of maple syrup to start, then matching it to the rate of temperature change during cooling and the stirring. Maple cream goes great on toast, bagels, or with peanut butter in a sandwich.

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