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Special Offer - Buy Two 1/2 Gallons Jugs & Pick One Free Gift of Pancake Mix, Maple Cream, Sugar, or Candy.

The perfect combination. Barred Woods Maple Syrup and a free gift of one of Barred Woods Maple Products.  And it includes Free Shipping!

Order two half gallon jugs of our Pure Vermont Maple syrup at our regular price and receive one of the following for free:

  • 1 lb bag of Lowell Mountain Mills Pancake Mix
  • 8 oz Jar of Barred Woods Maple Cream​
  • 64 Page "The Official Vermont Maple Cookbook"
  • 5 oz Maple Sugar Shaker Jar
  • 5 oz Maple Cinnamon Sugar Shaker Jar
  • 6 Piece Gold Gift box of Delicious Maple Candy

The shelf life of our maple syrup is two years, so buy two jugs, use one now and save the other one in the pantry for later!

Our Grade A maple syrup is processed by us in small batches with utmost attention to quality and purity. Choose two jugs of Amber or Dark grade, or choose one jug of each so you can compare.  

The pancake mix is made "just on the other side of the mountain" from us in Northern Vermont. It comes in a handy recyclable bag with a sewn closure and the instructions printed right on the back. Made from wholesome ingredients, it even has maple sugar in it.  It makes the fluffiest, most tastiest pancakes we have ever had.  Paired with our maple syrup these two provide the makings for a very tasty breakfasts.   

Our maple cream is made only from maple syrup and contains no dairy or other products.  It's name comes from its smooth consistency, which is similar to peanut butter and easily spreadable.  It can be used instead of butter on toast, spread on pancakes, waffles, and French toast, used as a glaze on meats or roasted vegetables, or used as frosting on cakes and pastries.

The 64 Page "The Official Vermont Maple Cookbook" is published by the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association and is filled with delicious, healthful, authentic maple recipes.

Our maple sugar, maple cinnamon sugar, and maple candy are all made from Barred Woods Maple Syrup and are traditional treats.

Pick one of your free gifts from the menu.  

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