Well Owl Be Darned

Below is our collection of Barred Owl pictures that we've collected over time. If you want to share your favorite picture of a Barred Owl (or any kind of owl) please send it to us at barredwoods@gmail.com and we will be glad to include it!

barred woods owl in Vermont sugarbush
Barred Owl in Oak Tree
Who cooks for you
barred owl on maple syrup production lines
Barred Owl on deck
Barred Owl in Pine tree
Owl on street sign

Check out the Barred Owl Webcam from Wild Birds Unlimited.

This year's live cam is over, but check out the 2020 Highlights and tune in soon for the 2021 live cam.

Here's a great video about barred owls from White Memorial Conservation Center.

And finally, from Cornell's Lab of Ornithology, here's another great video containing a sampling of the barred owl's iconic hoot of "who cooks for youuuuuuuuu"