Vermont Maple Syrup

Each year the tiny State of Vermont leads the nation in maple syrup production,  learn why. 

Vermont leads the US in maple syrup production for three reasons:

  • Vermont has the ideal soils to support healthy sugar maple growth.
  • Vermont has the perfect climate for maple sap production.
  • Vermont has a heritage of maple syrup production with many farmers passionate about making the best tasting maple syrup available. 
Density of Sugar Maple Trees from U S Forest Service data showing greatest density in Vermont
Best Climate for maple syrup production

Sugar maple trees require moist, rich, well drained soils for ideal growth. The above map from the US Forest Service shows the density of sugar maples in the US. The rich soils of the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Champlain Valley foothills provide ideal growing conditions. The mountains tend to collect more rainfall keeping the soil moist, while the slope of the mountains allows the soils to drain well.

Maximum sap flow from maple trees depends on freezing temperatures at night and above freezing temperatures during the day.   The next map shows the average temperature for the month of March for the period 1981 through 2010.  This data comes from Cornell University Climate Study Center.  The map illustrates that by March much of the eastern US is too warm for freeze-thaw cycles, but Vermont (and especially Northern Vermont where Barred Woods Maple is located) has an average temperature of 26-32 degrees meaning many days will have min-max temperatures just below and just above freezing.        

Maple Syrup from Vermont

Maple Syrup in Vermont

Finally, the above table from the USDA database shows maple syrup production by state for the last three years.  In 2020 Vermont led the nation in maple syrup production by a wide margin, with over 2.2 million gallons of maple syrup made in Vermont.    If you examine the chart you will also see that the yield of syrup per tree tapped is also highest in Vermont, an indication of the strong heritage and experience of the Vermont maple farmers.

At Barred Woods Maple we are fortunate to benefit from all three factors that favor Maple Syrup from Vermont.   We are located in the Northern Green Mountains in the heart of maple syrup country.  Our "sugarbush" (a stand of sugar maple trees) is filled with healthy wild sugar maple trees that grow naturally in our rich soils.  Located in the mountains we tend to get plenty of precipitation throughout the year.  We are surrounded by a community of other sugarmakers who we collaborate with to share knowledge and experience and help each other when someone needs it.   We feel lucky to have all of these resources and it motivates us to work hard to produce the best tasting maple syrup available and maintain the Vermont heritage.      Ready to buy some of our 100% Vermont Pure Maple Syrup  ... click on a category below: