Shipping Maple Syrup

Free Shipping Maple Syrup: One gallon Jugs, Two One Gallon Jugs, and 2.5 Gallon Bulk Containers 

Let's admit it, Maple Syrup is Heavy.  It has a specific gravity of 1.37 and weighs about 11.1 pounds a gallon.  So shipping maple syrup can be expensive.  At Barred Woods we have worked hard to offer affordable, environmentally friendly shipping options.  We re-use padding and packing material from local businesses whenever possible.  We strive to use recyclable, environmentally friendly containers and boxes.   

We have worked with USPS, UPS and Fedex to optimize our shipping solutions.  For orders under $49 we charge only $6.  For orders over $49 we are able to offer Free Shipping.   This includes our one gallon jug of maple syrup, our 2 one gallon jugs of maple syrup, and our 2.5 gallon bulk container of maple.     

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Maple Syrup with Free Shipping

Shipping Bulk Maple Syrup

Finding the right solution for shipping bulk maple syrup can be a little tricky.  As the weight of a package increases, the difference in shipping cost from Vermont changes drastically.  So we can not offer Free Shipping on Bulk Maple Syrup.  We do offer discounted shipping however. 

First visit our Bulk Maple Syrup Page to pick the right size container for your use.   

Here are some considerations:

  • We offer discounts for shipping 4 or more bulk maple syrup items to one address   
  • Our 4 One Gallon Jug offering weighs 49 pounds.  Our 5 Gallon Pails and Containers weigh about 62 pounds.  The carriers charge a steep fee on packages over 50 pounds, especially for the west coast.   So for west coast customers, the 4 One Gallon Jugs listing may give a lower total cost per gallon price than our 5 gallon pail. 
  • If you require over 50 gallons it will probably be cheaper to ship via pallet than parcel freight 
  • Call us at 802-598-6027 or email us with any questions or to place an order.
55 Gallon Barrel of Maple Syrup