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Maple Gift Box with an 8 oz Jug of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, an 8 oz Bag of Maple Crunch Granola, and an 8 oz Jar of Delicious Maple Cream

Custom Designed Gift Box containing an 8 oz jug of pure Vermont Maple Syrup, an 8 oz bag of our Maple Crunch Granola, and an 8 oz jar of our delicious maple cream.

Our handcrafted Maple Crunch Granola is sweetened with Barred Woods 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup!  No cane sugar or corn syrup, only Organic Oats, crunchy pecans, and other all natural ingredients. The granola is baked in Vermont in small batches with utmost attention to quality.  The small batches ensures you are getting fresh granola with that home cooked taste.  We use a special process to incorporate the maple syrup into the granola which maintains the crunchiness while letting the wonderful taste of maple come through.  

Our maple pecan granola comes in three flavors: toasted pumpkin seeds with cranberries, sliced almonds with raisins, and blueberry. Pick your flavor from the menu below.

We produce our maple syrup using sustainable practices that ensure the health and preservation of our forest for the plants and animals that live there.

Maple Cream is made only from maple syrup and contains no dairy or other products.  It's name comes from its smooth consistency, which is similar to peanut butter and easily spreadable.  It can be used instead of butter on toast, spread on pancakes, waffles, and French toast, used as a glaze on meats or roasted vegetables, or used as frosting on cakes and pastries.

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