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Custom Gift Box with One Pint of Maple Syrup Plus Options

Sturdy White Gift Box filled with Maple Syrup and your choice of Maple treats. Our basic gift box comes with a pint of our 100% pure Grade A Amber Rich Vermont maple syrup and a bag of Lowell Mountain Mills Maple Buttermilk Pancake mix . You can order the base box or select options to complete your box just the way you want it. The price of your box with maple syrup, pancake mix, plus any options will show below.   

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Pancake Mix

pancakes and syrup gift boxLowell Mountain Mills Maple Buttermilk Pancake Mix is made "just on the other side of the mountain" from us in Northern Vermont. It comes in a recyclable bag with a sewn closure with the instructions printed right on the back. Made from wholesome ingredients, it even has maple sugar in it. Goes great with Barred Woods Maple Syrup or our Maple Cream. 

Maple Cream

vt maple creamThe 8 oz jar of Maple Cream is handcrafted from our maple syrup, nothing else added. If you never tried maple cream, you are in for a real treat. The process of making cream involves taking finished syrup to a temperature about 20 degrees over the boiling point of water, then rapidly cooling it to around 65F and stirring. The art in the process comes from picking the right grade and taste of maple syrup to start, then matching it to the rate of temperature change during cooling and the stirring. Maple cream goes great on toast, bagels, or with peanut butter in a sandwich.

Maple Sugar 

vt maple sugarMaple Sugar is made by boiling maple syrup until almost all of the water is boiled off, then mixing as it cools to achieve the right crystal size. Maple sugar was America's original sweetener, it was widely used before cane sugar became available in the late 1800's. Use it in your coffee or tea, or as a replacement for cane sugar in baking or cooking.  If you prefer you can choose our Maple Cinnamon Sugar which is great for sprinkling on toast, bagels, apple slices, or popcorn. Both our pure maple sugar and our maple cinnamon sugar come in clear jars with a shaker top. 

Maple Candy

vt maple candyOur Maple Candy is made only from Vermont Maple Syrup. Nothing else added, all natural. The process of making candy involves taking finished syrup to about 243 degrees, then cool it and stir it using a candy making machine while pouring into molds.  Available in traditional maple leaf shapes.  We make our candy from lighter grades of syrup for a creamy texture that melts in your mouth!  

Vermont Coffee

Mountain Blend Coffee from  Brave Coffee and Tea CompanyMountain Blend Coffee is handcrafted by Brave Coffee and Tea Company in nearby Waterbury, Vermont. A perfect 60/40 blend of medium roasted Colombia and Brazil. Comes ground and ready to use. A cup of this coffee is a great way to kick off your day.

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